TEDxTrestleViewPark is a volunteer-run organization that taps into skills and experience from a variety of industries and backgrounds. There are various types of volunteers needed to organize this event, with various amounts of time and effort needed. Below are some details on our volunteer types.

Pre-Event Volunteers
We need more help as we get closer to our day-long event, September 15th at the Franklin Opera House. Right now we are sorting out our exact needs, but there is plenty to do!

Day-of Event Volunteers
They start their day very early, make sure everything runs smoothly and work until the event is done and everything has been cleaned up and put into storage. Consider applying to be a day-of event volunteer.

Core Team Volunteers
These volunteers pledge a considerable amount of time and energy to keep TEDxTrestleViewPark running year-round. We are evaluating needs for individuals with specific skill sets and will post volunteer job descriptions as needed.

Apply to Volunteer
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